Adobe Photoshop for the Web

Introduction & Setting Up

Welcome & About This Course
Preferences - Saving Files - Display & Cursors
Transparency & Gamut / Units & Rulers / Guides & Grid
Plug-ins & Scratch Disks / Memory & Image Cache

Photoshop Basics

Screen Areas Overview
Layer Styles
Managing Assets
Actions & Droplets
Creating New Images
Opening & Acquiring Images
Blending Modes
Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics

Photoshop Tools & Techniques

Painting l
Painting ll
Selecting l
Selecting ll
Modifying l ? Crop & Clone
Modifying ll ? Retouching
Modifying lll ? Sampling & Annotation

Basics of Web Design

Origins & Behavior / Internet & World Wide Web
Internet Architecture & Web Delivery
Web Page Structure
Graphic Architecture

Internet Constraints & Solutions

Download Time
Browser & Platform Compatibility
Browser Offset
JavaScript & Absolute Positioning
Table Backgrounds
Monitor Resolution
Image Shape

Color For The Web

Color Modes
Picking & Specifying Colors
Monitor Bit Depth
Web Safe Color
Browser Compensation for Missing Colors
Save for Web

Using Type

Type on the Web
Types of Type
Setting Graphic Type l
Setting Graphic Type ll

Image Formats

Image Formats Overview
GIF - Color Lookup Table (CLUT)
GIF - LZW Compression
GIF - Dithering l
GIF - Dithering ll
GIF - Color Reduction Algorithms
GIF - Transparent & Matte & Avoiding Halos
JPEG - Overview
JPEG - Saving
PNG - Overview & Saving

Working With Photographs

Cropping & Rotating
Removing Blemishes
Color Balance & Curves
Selecting Areas
Modifying Areas
Photograph Effects for the Web

Creating Backgrounds & Textures

Background Techniques
Tiling Background Methods
Parchment Background
Muddy Concrete
VTC Pattern Background
Watermark Background
3d Pattern Background

Layer Styles

Layer Styles Overview
Simple Web Buttons
Squeezed Green Paint
Glass l
Glass ll
Water Drops & Liquify

Work Project - Simple Interface

Navigation Panel
Button Text
Modifying & Tweaking
Slicing l
Save for Web l
Formatting l
Slicing ll & Save for Web ll
Formatting ll

Work Project - Layered & Perspective Interface

Formatting Text
Text Effects
Warped Text
Perspective Text
Slicing l
Slicing ll & Save for Web

Work Project - Top Border Interface With Glass Buttons

Overview & Top Panels
Modifying the Top Panels
Glass Buttons
Divider Lines & Glowing Glass
Add Text & Slice
Save for Web & Formatting

Where to Now?