Adobe Photoshop Special FX

Photoshop F/X Details

About This CD
New in Photoshop
Favorite Shortcuts
More Shortcuts

Photographic F/X

Retouching Tips From the Pros
Assess an Image
Contrast Adjustments Tools
Make the Contrast Snap
More Tone and Color Corrections
Remove a Color Cast
Local Color Corrections
Pop and Subdue Color
Auto Photo Enhancement
Non-Destructive Dodging and Burning

More Photographic F/X

Restore Old Photos
Restore and Colorize
Remove Distractions
Remove Glare and Add A Polarizing Effect
Darken the Sky
Sharpen an out-of-focus Image
Change Depth of Field
Generate the Best Black and White Image
Add and Remove Grain From an Image
Create a Silhouette For Impact
Soft Focus Lens F/X
High Key F/X
High Contrast F/X
Vignettes and Photo Edge F/X
Simulate Lens Filter F/X

Creative Colorization

Digital Sepia Toning
Selenium Toning
Digital Cyanotypes
Two-Toned Images
Moving Color F/X
Solarizing F/X
Cross-Processed F/X
Random Colorization
Andy Warhol F/X

Art and Illustration

Easy Illustration F/X
Pointillistic F/X
Impressionist F/X
Poster Art F/X
Poster Art 2 F/X
Natural media F/X
Hand Painted/Tinted F/X
Stippling F/X
Woodcut F/X
Line Art Engraving F/X
Mosaic F/X

Typographic F/X

Editable Type and Layer Effects
Curve Fitting Type
Popular F/X For Display Type
Relief Type F/X
Type F/X 3: Chrome Pattern Fill F/X
Type Reflections Perspective Types
Distressed Type F/X
Type Masks
Screened Type F/X
Type On Type F/X

Perspective Motion and 3D F/X

Extreme Perspective F/X
Adding Perspective Elements
Convergence Correction
Motion F/X 1: Everyday Motion
Motion F/X 2: Panned Camera & Zoom Lens F/X
Multiple Exposures
Simple Extrusion F/X
More Extrusions
Adding Dimensionality
Backgrounds with Depth

Texture / Lighting and Shadow F/X

Texture with Depth
Mapping a Texture
Painting with Texture
Working with Scanned Textures
Lighting and Texture
Let There Be Light
Objects Aglow
Shadow Play
Pro Shadows

Advanced Masking Compositions

Intro to Pro Selections
Hard-Edged Masks and other Extractions
Subtle Selections
Composite Masks
Selecting by Attributes
Using What is There
More Using What is There
Editing Selection
Tips for Compositions
Montage Styles
Background Elements