Adobe Premiere Pro


About this CD
New in Premiere Pro
How Premiere Pro Works
Required and Suggested System Requirements

Premiere Interface

Main Interface Components
Other Interface Components
Monitor Window
Timeline Window

Premiere Project Settings

Setting up a Premiere Project
Presets and Custom Project Settings pt. 1
Presets and Custom Project Settings pt. 2
Auto Saving/Working with Offline Files
Setting Up Scratch Disks

Importing and Capturing Project Elements

Adding Footage to Projects
Video Capture Tips and Options
The Capture Window
Capturing Video
Capturing Analog Audio
Batch Capture
Importing Still Images
Importing Premiere and Illustrator Files
Importing Photoshop Files

Working with Clips

Project Window Display Options
Organizing Clips in List View
Managing Clips
Finding and Interpreting Clips
Viewing Clips
Monitor Window Playback Controls
Navigating Clips
Monitor Window Display Options
Nested Sequences
Working with In and Out Points pt. 1
Working with In and Out Points pt. 2
Working with Markers pt. 1
Working with Markers pt. 2

Editing Techniques

Storyboard Editing
Insert and Overlay Edits
Specifying Source and Target Tracks
3 and 4 Point Editing
Editing Clips in the Timeline
Locking Tracks and Linking Clips
Changing Clip Duration and Speed
Freezing Frames
Splitting/Copying/Cutting/Pasting Clips
Moving and Removing Clips
Ripple and Rolling Edits
Slip and Slide Edits
Trim Window
Ripple and Rolling Edits
Previewing with Playback
Customizing Preview Sequences


Introduction to Transitions
Understanding Transitions
Applying Transitions Automatically
Applying Transitions Manually
Adjusting Transitions
Previewing Transitions
Customizing Transitions


Creating and Opening Title Files
Title Backgrounds and Video Safe Zones
Creating Title Text
Curved Text
Creating Shape Objects
Modifying Shape Objects
Custom Styles
Rolling and Crawling Text


Using Effects
Working with Fixed Effects
Applying and Controlling Standard Effects
Effects and Keyframes
Viewing Effect Properties in the Timeline
Working with Keyframes in the Timeline
Properties in the Effect Controls Window
Keyframing in the Effect Controls Window
Setting Keyframe Interpolation
Clip Transparency and Alpha Channels
Alpha and Luma Keying
Chroma Keying
The Image Adjust and Distort Filters
The Color Correct Filter

Working with Audio

Audio Tracks and Channels
Audio Gain and Cross Fades
Split Edits
Working with the Audio Mixer
Applying Audio Effects
Automating Audio Mixing
How Premiere Processes Audio
Audio Sends and Submixes

Exporting Movies

Export Settings and Options
General and DV Export Options
Exporting to CD-ROM and DVD
Export to Video Tape and the Web
Exporting Single Fames and Audio
The Adobe Media Encoder - File Formats
The Adobe Media Encoder - Presets
Custom Presets and Audience Settings


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