Apple iLife 04


What is Apple iLife?
What You Can Do with iLife

Using iPhoto

Getting Familiar with iPhoto
Importing Photos
Exporting Photos
Working with the iPhoto Library
Creating and Using Albums
Working with Photos
Working with Modes
Working with the Trash
Using Last Roll and Last 12 Months

Editing Photos

Cropping a Photo
Enhancing a Photo
Removing Red Eye
Retouching a Photo
Changing a Photo to Black and White/Sepia
Adjusting Brightness/Contrast

Fun iPhoto Projects

Print Photos
Create a Slideshow
Email Photos
Order Prints
Creating a Book pt. 1
Creating a Book pt. 2
Creating a Book pt. 3
Other Organize Features

Using iTunes

Getting to Know iTunes
Importing Songs to iTunes
Exporting Songs from iTunes
Setting iTunes Preferences
Work with the iTunes Library
Access the Music Store
Find Songs on the Library

Organizing and Playing Music

Playing a Song
Creating a Playlist
Using Shuffle/Using the Equalizer
Editing Song Information
Burn a CD

Using iMovie

Getting to Know iMovie
Understanding iMovie Controls
Working with the Clips Pane
Splitting Clips
Putting Clips On the Storyboard
Putting Photos On the Storyboard
Creating Title Page
Creating Transitions
Using Effects

Working With Audio In iMovie

Inserting a Song into a Movie
Using Multiple Songs
Creating Narration for a Movie
Using The Timeline Zoom Feature
Making a Sound Clip Fade In and Fade Out
Adjusting Audio on Multiple Tracks
Extracting Audio from a Movie Clip
Locking an Audio Clip
Inserting Sound Effects

Finishing Your Movie

Setting iMovie Preferences
Previewing the Final Product
Setting Up iDVD Markers
Moving Your Movie to iDVD
Sharing Your Movie

Working With iDVD

Getting Familiar with iDVD
Setting Preferences
Exploring Themes
Configuring a Theme pt. 1
Configuring a Theme pt. 2
Inserting Additional Text

Working With Content

Importing a Movie
Customizing Buttons
TV Safe Area
Button Motion
Using the Map Feature
Making a Slideshow pt. 1
Making a Slideshow pt. 2

Finalizing Your DVD

Reviewing Status
Previewing Your DVD
Burning Your DVD

Using GarageBand

Welcome to GarageBand
Setting GarageBand Preferences
Creating a New Song
Resetting Song Properties
Changing Instruments
Using the Onscreen Piano
Recording a Track
Adding Additional Tracks
Creating Loops

Finalizing Your Song

Timeline Editing
Mixing Your Track
Adjusting Master Volume
Exporting to iTunes


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