Digital Photography (Espa˝ol)



Background on Digital Imaging

The Digital Darkroom
Choosing a Digital Camera
Photo Sensors
Lens Types
Understanding Exposure

Understanding Image Quality

The Lens
Understanding Resolution
How Much Resolution do you Need?
Dynamic Range

The Digits Behind Digital Images

The Binary System
Understanding Storage
File Formats and Compression

Understanding Digital Output

Auto Levels Adjustment
Contrast Adjustment
Levels Adjustment
Curves Adjustment
Color Balance adjustment
Sharpness adjustment/Advanced Sharpening
Color Management
Creating Black and White Images
Creating Toned Monochrome Images

Making Good Prints and Electronic Images

Types of Printers
Choosing a Printer
Printing Principles
Printing Tutorial
Introduction to Internet Publishing
Preparing Images for Electronic Transfer

The Essence of Imaging

The Basic Visual Qualities of Photography
Thinking Creatively

Understanding Your Camera's Technical Features

Understanding your Camera's Technical Features

The Main Themes

Portrait Photography
Landscape Photography
Action Photography
Nature Photography

Practical Discussion

Portrait Discussion pt. 1
Portrait Discussion pt. 2
Landscape Discussion pt. 1
Landscape Discussion pt. 2
Landscape Discussion pt. 3
Nature Discussion pt. 1
Nature Discussion pt. 2
Abstract Discussion
Action Discussion