ICC Color Management in Photoshop

General Productivity Tips

Welcome to ICC Color Management
Relevant General Preferences
New! Workspace Presets
New! File Browser

Color Management Basics

Pieces of the Puzzle
Components of a CMS
What is a Color Gamut?
What is a Working Space?

Photoshop 7 Color Settings

Color Settings Intro
Color Settings Presets
RGB Working Spaces
Small or Large RGB Working Space?
CMYK Working Spaces
Convert CMYK Setup Into an ICC Profile!
Grayscale Working Spaces
Spot Color Working Spaces
Color Management Policies
Color Management Policy-Preserve Embedded Profiles
Color Management Policy-Convert to Working Spaces
Color Management Policy-Off
Profile Mismatch Warning
Missing Profiles Warning
Advanced Mode Options

Working With Profiles

Clues to a Documents Profile
Common Terms to Describe Profiles
Assign Profile
Convert to Profile
Rendering Intents
Where are the Profiles Saved?
Saving and Loading Presets
Managing Your Profiles

Calibrate and Characterize

Calibrate? Characterize?
Acquiring Canned Profiles
Acquiring Custom Profiles
Free Monitor Calibration
Tip Lighting and Viewing
Targets and Test Images
Tip Pre-qualify Your Devices
Creating a Scanner Profile-Monaco Systems and EZ color 2
Creating a Printer Profile-Gretag MacBeth and Eye-One Pro

Proofing and Matching Colors

Soft-proof on Your Monitor!
Soft-proof to Multiple Devices at Once!
Proofing on Desktop Printers
Synchronize Color Settings in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Matching Pantone Colors
Remote Color Proofing Using PDF
Cross-rendering Profiles

Workflows -Tips and Recommendations

Saving Color-Managed Files
Evaluating Color Part 1
Evaluating Color Part 2
Adding File Information
Color Strategy for Web Art
Color Strategy for Web and Print Work
Save for Web Dialog
Color Strategy for RGB to CMYK Color
Color Strategy for RGB to Grayscale Output
Final Thoughts on Color Management