Macromedia Flash 5

Introduction & Setup

Welcome & About This Course
Screen areas
Drawing Settings

Flash Basics

Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics
Symbols and Instances - Using the Library
Graphics Interaction
Stacking Objects
Action Scripting
Previewing Your Movies

The Toolbox & Panels

Oval & Rectangle Tools
Line & Pencil Tools
Brush & Eraser Tools
Text Tool
Lasso Tool
Hand & Zoom Tools
Paint Bucket
Arrow Tool
Pen Tool
Subselect Tool
Panels Overview

The Timeline

Timeline Overview
Frames & Keyframes
Tweening Constraints
Motion Guides
Onion Skin
Frame Labels

Project Section 1 - Set Up A Flash Web Site

Planning Your Site
New Movie & Movie Settings

Project Section 2 - Create a Preloader

What Is a Preloader?
Creating Basic Shapes l
Creating Basic Shapes ll
Simple Animation - Motion Tweening
Assembling the Elements - Align and Distribute
Controlling the Elements - Instance Names
Controlling the Elements - ActionScript
Preloader Message - Using Fonts in Flash

Project Section 3 - Create an Interface

Setting up the Main Movie
Creating the Background
Modifying the Background
Animating the Background
Creating the Button Elements l
Creating the Content Panel l
Creating the Content Panel ll - Shape Tweening
Customizing the Content Panel
Duplicating the Content Panel
Creating Buttons
Inserting the Buttons and Panel in the Interface
Interface Coordination and Animation
Activating the Buttons l
Activating the Buttons ll
Work Project

Project Section 4 - Create The Content

Main Menu Button
Creating a Mask
Creating and Duplicating the Content Movie Clips
Creating Content - Importing Text
Creating Content - Editing Text & Importing Bitmap
Scrolling Window l
Scrolling Window ll
Creating Feedback Form Elements
Creating a Check Box
Radio Buttons l - Creating
Radio Buttons ll - Activating
Reset & Submit
Adding the Content to the Main Movie

Project Section 5 - Add Sound

Sound In Flash Overview
Main Movie Background Music l
Main Movie Background Music ll
Sound Levels & Stereo Sound
Adding Sound to Buttons
Music On/Off Switch l
Music On/Off Switch ll
Music On/Off Switch lll - Activating The Button

Project Section 6 - Testing and Tweaking

Bandwidth Profiler
Preloader Adjustment l
Preloader Adjustment ll
Optimizing Sound & Bitmaps
Modifying the Background Grid

Project Section 7 - Optimize & Publish Your Movie

Publishing Overview
Publish Flash
Publish HTML
Publish Image
Publish QuickTime
Export Movie & Export Image

Project Section 8 - Create a Flash Banner

Setup & Sliding Intro
New Scene & Element Setup
Advanced Shape Tweening - Shape Hints
Adding Color Effects
Fading Shape Tween
Adding Messages
Fading Messages

Drop Down Menu

Drop Down Button
Selection Buttons
Activating the buttons
Display Current Selection
Click Outside & Tidying Up

Where To Now?