Macromedia Flash ActionScript 2.0 OOP

Getting Started

What You Should Know
ActionScript 2 & Flash Player
How to Do These Tutorials

Introduction To OOP

Object-Oriented Programming
The Object
The Class Pt.1
The Class Pt.2
Determining an Object's Class
Creating Custom Classes

Creating Classes & Class Hierarchies

Classpath/Packages/Import Pt.1
Classpath/Packages/Import Pt.2
Code-Sharing - Composition Pt.1
Code-Sharing - Composition Pt.2
Code-Sharing - Inheritance Pt.1
Code-Sharing - Inheritance Pt.2
A Star is Born Pt.1
A Star is Born Pt.2
A Star is Born Pt.3
A Star is Born Pt.4
A Star is Born - Further Study
The Call Stack

Maintaining & Extending Classes

Building Class Hierarchies
The PersistentShape Class Pt.1
The PersistentShape Class Pt.2
The PersistentShape Class Pt.3
Abstract Methods/Static Members/Hierarchies
Classes as Contracts/Override/Polymorphism
Reusing Base Class Behaviors with Super
Overloading Not Allowed
Guidelines for Class Derivation
Dynamic Classes Pt.1
Dynamic Classes Pt.2
Static Members Stick Together

Information Hiding

Introduction Pt.1
Introduction Pt.2
Implicit get & set Methods
Overriding Implicit get & set Methods
Creating Read-Only Properties Pt.1
Creating Read-Only Properties Pt.2
Creating Read-Only Properties Pt.3
Creating Read-Only Properties Pt.4
Do It Once

Prototype & Instance Members

Prototype Members Pt.1
Prototype Members Pt.2
Prototype Members Pt.3
Identifying a Local Property
Identifying an Object Prototype
Prototype Members for Built-in Classes
You Cannot Delete get/set Properties Pt.1
You Cannot Delete get/set Properties Pt.2
You Cannot Delete get/set Properties Pt.3
Why You Cannot Delete get/set Properties

Assigning Class In The Library

Classpath Revisited
Introduction Pt.1
Introduction Pt.2
Assigning Class with the Linkage Pt.1
Assigning Class with the Linkage Pt.2
Debugging Techniques Pt.1
Debugging Techniques Pt.2
Debugging Techniques Pt.3
Assigning Class with Component Definition

Events & Listeners

AsBroadcaster Pt.1
AsBroadcaster Pt.2
AsBroadcaster Pt.3
AsBroadcaster Pt.4
AsBroadcaster Pt.5
AsBroadcaster Pt.6
AsBroadcaster Pt.7
Debugging with Codeless FLAs
EventDispatcher Pt.1
EventDispatcher Pt.2
EventDispatcher Pt.3
EventDispatcher Pt.4
Storing Component Class Files
Library Naming Conflicts
CreateClassObject() Pt.1
CreateClassObject() Pt.2
CreateClassObject() Pt.3
CreateClassObject() Pt.4
CreateClassObject() Pt.5


Icecream/Sprinkles/Almonds with Inheritance
Icecream/Sprinkles/Almonds with Mix-Ins Pt.1
Icecream/Sprinkles/Almonds with Mix-Ins Pt.2
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.1
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.2
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.3
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.4
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.5
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.6
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.7
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.8
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.9
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.10
Lights/Camera/ActionScript Pt.11
When to Use Mix-Ins
Using #include Instead of Mix-Ins
The MovieClip._alpha property

Bonus Sample Application

Nasty Pt.1
Nasty Pt.2
Nasty Pt.3
Nasty Pt.4

Wrapping Up

Where to Go From Here


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