Macromedia Flash MX Techniques


Welcome and About This Course

Heritage Products Intro Page

Overview and Setup
Logo Import and Color Sample
Logo Text
Logo Shape Pt 1
Logo Shape Pt 2
Logo Shape Pt 3
Logo Shape Pt 4
Reflection Gradient Pt 1
Reflection Gradient Pt 2
Gradient Animation
2nd Reflection
Masking Text
Laser Body Pt 1
Laser Body Pt 2
Laser Beam
Logo Animation
Laser Animation
Laser Control and Logo Mask
Troubleshooting and Export

Glass Buttons

Overview and Setup
Base Structure
Inner Ring
Lower Highlight
Upper Highlight
Button Behaviour
Alternate Buttons
Oblong Button Pt 1
Oblong Button Pt 2

Fading Text Effect

Overview and Setup
Text Setup
Mask Shape
Mask Animation
Common Masking Traps
Mask Assembly
Mask Offset
External Text

Sparkle Effect

Overview and Setup
Basic Mask Pt 1
Basic Mask Pt 2 and Movie Architecture
Mask 01 animation
File Size and Trimming
Mask 02
Background Color
Final Trimming

3d Box Menu

Overview and Setup
Basic Box
Remaining Boxes
Flattening and Separating
Box Timeline Setup
Submenu Buttons
Duplicating Buttons
Submenu Testing
Activating Submenus
Activating The Assembly

Photo Profile Menu

Overview and Setup
Background Setup
External Photo Container
Cropping Photographs
Photo Animation and External Movie
External Movie Actions
External Text
Updating External Movies
Return Button
Player Mask
Player Names and Housekeeping
Activating Buttons

Cannon Video

Overview and Setup
Barrel Pt 1
Barrel Pt 2
Front Wheel Pt 1
Front Wheel Pt 2
Back Wheel and Tails
Animation Pt 1
Animation Pt 2
Shell Animation
Export Video

Compositing With Video

Overview and Setup
Video Import Pt 1
Video Import Pt 2
Frame Labels
Spring Text
Graph Axes
Graph Line
Explanation Text

Video Player

Overview and Setup
Video Placement
Architecture and Video Screen
Outer Panel
Movie Clip Alignment
Video Player Base
Button Import
Button Actions Pt 1
Button Actions Pt 2
Slider Layout
Drag and Drop
Slider Controls Video
Video Controls Slider

Sliding Menu

Overview and Setup
Basic Button
Button Animation
Arrow Animation
Button and Labels