Metacreations Painter 5 Tech

Animating with Frame Stacks

GIF Animation - Setting Up
GIF Animation - Creating a Script
Stroke Animation

Pulse Animation Using Floaters

Pulse Animation - Creating the Frame Stack
Pulse Animation - Tweaking the Shape Floaters
Pulse Animation - Applying Filters

Masks & Selections in Frames

Animating Using Selections
Painting into Selections
Persistence of Vision

Creating a Running Mask

The Remembered Selection Trick
Using GIFBuilder

Scaling Files Using Cloning

Using Multi-Point Cloning
Applying Effects

Assn. of Alternative Newspapers Project

Tracing Paper/Constructing Layers
Floaters & Composite Methods
Masking Effects
Controlling Mask/Canvas Interactions
Final Touches

Working with Photoshop and Illustrator

Rasterizing Illustrator Art
Saving Illustrator Paths in Photoshop

Color Sets and Cloning

Reusing Color Schemes
Cloning Interim Copies

Creative Drop Shadows

Creating a Glow
Making a Cast Shadow

Cloning with Image Hose

Making a Nozzle
Hosing the Image

Text Object Abuse Using Plug-in Floaters

Incinerate Text with &Burn&
3D Effect with &Burn&
Ripping up Text with &Tear&
Melted Text Part 1
Melted Text Part 2

Bevel World

Using the Bevel World
Scythe Bevel - Layering Shapes
Scythe Bevel - Text

Floater Mask Transparency

About Floater Masks
AutoMask and Image Luminance

Stupid Clone Tricks

Super Clone Collage

Building Painter Brushes

Brush Control Palette
Size Settings
Spacing, Size & Angle
Spacing, Dab Shape & Well Controls
Sliders Palette

Bristles and Rakes

Breaking up the Brush Dab
Controlling Bristle Characteristics
Working with Captured Dabs
Multiplying the Dab
Multiplying the Dab 2

Canvas and Color

Basic Brush Methods
Subcategories Modifying Parent Methods
Wet Layer Brush Method
Cloning Brushes

Painter Brush Anatomy

Brush Anatomy 1
Brush Anatomy 2
Brush Anatomy 3

Pattern Brushes

Captured Dabs
Dabs with Repeating Patterns
Repeating Pattern Brushes