Metacreations Poser 3-4


Whats New In Poser 3
Follow the Manual

Interface Overview

Application Overview
Menu Overview
Document Window
Camera Controls
Light Controls
Document Display Tools
Editing Tools
Parameter Dials
Numerical Entry with Parameter Dials
Liaries Palettes
Animation Controls
Dot Tool
Interface Summary

Poser Basics

Setting Up
Document Window Settings
Placing a Figure
Make Custom Figures
Delete Figures & Custom Liary
Working in the Studio
Posing Hands
Paste into Background
Hide and Name Figures
Displaying Guides
Save Open Close Quit

Case Studies #1

Intro Case Study 1
Make Angry Sitting Guy
Add and Pose Second Figure
Place Hair Props
Change Lighting
Position the Camera
Add Background and Render

Posing in Detail

Intro to Posing in Detail
How Posing Works
Figure Hierarchies
Setting Figure Height
How To Select a Part
The Edit Tools
Symmetry, Drop to Floor & Auto Balance
Posing Hands
Face Posing
Body Shaping


Props Intro
Hair as a Prop
Add a Default Prop
Import Props
Replace Body Parts with a Prop

Cameras and Lights

Intro to Cameras and Lights
Ten Camera Types
Save Camera View in Liary
Set Camera Preferences and Name Camera
Camera Controls
Light Controls and Saving Lights
Shadow Settings

Case Studies #2

Case Study 2 Intro
Place Props and Figures
Add Hair
Pose Figure 1
Pose Figure 2
Pose Figure 3
Change Lighting & Camera & Render

Animating Your Figures

Intro to Animating Figures
What You Can Animate
Creating Animations
Setting Up Animation
Import AVIF or Background
Using the Timeline
Recording Key Frames
Add & Delete Keyframes
Intro to the Animation Palette
Using the Animation Palette
Retime Keyframes
Keyframe Interpolation
Change Keyframes on the Graph
Add an Animation to Liary

Animation Study 1

Animation Study 1 Intro
Place Character & Props
Rough out the Animation
Detail the Animation
Animate the Camera
Animation Study Summary

Animation Study 2

Animation Study 2 Intro
Create Walk Path
Create Walk
Save Walk

Surface Materials

Intro to Surface Materials
Apply Bump and Texture
Setting Object Color Settings


Intro to Rendering
Setup Render
Screen Render
Rendering to a File
Render Animation

Poser 4 Addendum

Intro Movie
Conforming Figures & Clothing
Conforming Figure Example
Bendable Props
New Lights
Magnet Deformer
Wave Deformer
Morph Face And Ethnicity
Morph Target General
Using External Morph Targets
Copy Cut Paste
The Sketch Designer
Rendering Sketch Designer
Hierarchy Editor
The Grouping Tool
Using New Poser Features Example