Microsoft Access 2003


Course Introduction/Requirements
Introduction to Access 2003
Starting and Using Access
Creating a New Database
Setting Options
Customizing Toolbars
Access 2003 Assistance
Design Mode and Normal Mode
Simple Form Development

Using Access 2003 Databases

Opening a Database/Creating Shortcuts
Setting a Simple Password
Compacting/Repairing a Database
Converting a Database
Using the Documentation Feature pt. 1
Using the Documentation Feature pt. 2
Opening a Form View
Searching Fields in a Form
Navigating Records in a Form
Sorting Records in a Form
Filtering Records in a Form
Data Entry Tips and Tricks
Printing Forms and Reports

Creating Database Objects - Tables

Creating Tables
Data Types
Primary Keys
Field Validation (Required)
Field Validation (Rules)
Lookup Fields
Setting Default Values
Using Input Masks pt. 1
Using Input Masks pt. 2
Making Captions

Creating Database Objects - Forms

What is a Form?
Using the Form Wizard
Creating a Form Manually
Using the Toolbox/Adding Controls
Sizing and Aligning Controls
Form Properties/Caption/Default View
Form Field Properties
Tabbing/Tab Order/Tab Stops
Form Field Cosmetic Properties
Adding a Text Field
Formatting Field Values

Creating Database Objects - Queries

What is a Query?
Creating a Query in Design View
Using the Query Wizard
Moving Fields in a Query
Sorting Query Results
Setting Search Criteria in a Query
Using Operators and Wildcard Characters
Searching for a Range of Values
Using AND/OR/NOT in a Query
Creating Parameter Queries

Creating Database Objects - Reports

What is a Report?
Using the Report Wizard
Creating a Report Manually
Adding Fields to a Report
Using Report and Page Sections
Setting Page Breaks and Margins
Adding Lines and Boxes
Adding Images to a Report
Setting Field Properties

Using the Properties Window

The Properties Sheet
Format Properties pt. 1
Format Properties pt. 2
Event Properties
Data Properties
Other Properties

Using the Expression Builder

Opening the Expression Builder Tool
What are Expressions?
Expression Builder Parts
Using String Operators
Using Values in Other Forms
Using SQL Aggregate Functions
Using the IIf Function

Relational Databases

What is a Relational Database?
Primary and Foreign Keys
The Relationships Window
Creating Relationships Between Tables
Editing Relationships
Resetting the AutoNumber Field
Fixing Data For Relationships
Setting Relationships in a Query

Advanced Forms Design

Creating a Switchboard Form
Using the Switchboard Manager
Creating Admin Tables/Forms
Adding a Combo Box
Setting Combo Box Properties Manually
Setting Control Default Properties
Adding a Subform with the Wizard
Adding a Subform Manually
Creating Calculated Fields pt. 1
Creating Calculated Fields pt. 2

Advanced Queries

Using SQL View
Creating Relational Queries
Grouping in Queries (Aggregates)
Creating Update Queries
Creating Delete Queries
Using Null Values in a Query
Creating Additional/Calculated Fields

Advanced Reports

Connecting Reports to Queries
The Sorting and Grouping Window
Cleaning up the Report pt. 1
Cleaning up the Report pt. 2
Using Counts and Sums by Group
Advanced Report Formatting
Using the Labels Wizard

Course Wrap up

Final Thoughts


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