Microsoft ADO.NET

Course Introduction

Course Overview
ADO.NET in Action-DataReader
ADO.NET in Action-DataSet

Overview of ADO.NET

ADO.NET Objectives
.NET Data Providers
Using Data Namespaces

ADO.NET Objects

ADO.NET Object Model

Connecting To A Database

Opening A Database Connection
Using Error Handling
Connection Status
Using Trusted Security
Connection String Variables
Connecting to Access
Using UDL Files
Provider Gotchas
Connection Miscellaneous

Executing Commands

SQLCommand Object
OleDbCommand Object
Single Value Queries
Parameterized Queries pt. 1
Parameterized Queries pt. 2

Using Stored Procedures

What is a Stored Procedure?
Creating Stored Procedures
Calling Stored Procedures
Creating Stored Procedures with Parameters
Passing Parameters to Stored Processes
Transactions pt. 1
Transactions pt. 2


DataReader Basics
Using a DataReader
Multiple Result Sets in a DataReader
Reading Schema from a DataReader


DataAdapter Basics
Using the DataAdapter
Inserting Data with CommandBuilder pt. 1
Inserting Data with CommandBuilder pt. 2
Updating Data with CommandBuilder
Deleting Data with CommandBuilder


DataSet Basics
Typed DataSets
Creating a DataSet

Data Binding

What is Data Binding?
Data Bound Textboxes
Life without Cursors
Navigating with Binding Objects pt. 1
Navigating with Binding Objects pt. 2
Navigating with Collections pt. 1
Navigating with Collections pt. 2
Complex Binding


XML Basics
XML Terminology
XML and .NET
Reading XML Data
Putting XML in DataSets
Writing XML from a DataSet
Much More XML

What About ADO?

Using ADO

DataForm Wizard

DataForm Wizard Basics
Best Use for DataForm Wizard

Background Info

Data Access TLA's


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