Microsoft Excel 2002


About Excel
Open/ Save/Close Workbooks
What's Inside the Workbook
Menus and Toolbars
What's on a Worksheet
Getting Assistance from Excel

Getting Started

Select and Navigate Cells
Enter Data
Edit and Delete Data
Undo and Redo
About the Office Clipboard
Drag and Drop
More Ways to Enter Repetitive Data
Use a Data Entry Form
Validate Data During Entry

Working With Worksheets

Resize Rows and Columns
Insert and Delete Rows/Columns/Cells
Rename Worksheets
Move and Copy Worksheets
Insert and Delete Worksheets
Freeze and Split a Worksheet
Open Multiple Windows

Simple Calculations

Calculate Without a Formula
Use AutoSum to Write Formulas
Formula Structure
Create Formulas
Edit Formulas
AutoFill Formulas
Relative and Absolute References
Use the Function Wizard
Name Cells and Ranges
Use Names in Formulas

Using Advanced Functions

IF and Nested Functions

Organizing Data

Sort Data
Filter Data with AutoFilter
AND and OR Filters
Calculate Filtered Records
Consolidate Data
Subtotal a Worksheet

Formatting Cells

Text Formatting
Align and Wrap Text
Number Formats
Date and Time Formats
Custom Formats
Borders and Shading
Conditional Formatting
Format Painter
AutoFormat a Table
Transpose Tables and Merge Cells
Format Several Worksheets Identically
Save a File as a Template

Charting Data

About Charts
Create a Chart
Resize and Relocate a Chart
The Chart Toolbar
Chart Options
Series Orientation and Order
Create 3-D Charts
Explode a Pie Chart
Add Data Labels and a Data Table
Secondary Axes
Format Chart Elements

Printing Data and Charts

See a Print Preview
Create Page Headers and Footers
Set the Print Area
Print a Selection
Centering/ Margins/Gridlines
Print on a Specific Number of Pages
Print Multiple Worksheets/Copy/Collate Pages
Print Row and Column Labels on Every Page
Print Charts

Sharing and Protecting Data

Share Data Between Workbooks
Copying/Linking/Embedding Data
Share Data with Other Programs
Share a Workbook with Other Users
Hide Worksheets
Protect Cells
Protect Worksheets and Workbooks

Analyzing Data

Use Goal Seek to Find Answers
Use Scenarios to Compare Alternatives
Locate Worksheet Errors and Invalid Data

Customizing Excel

Customize Your Toolbars
Create a Custom Toolbar
Automate with Macros
Record a Macro
Edit a Macro
Assign a Macro to a Toolbar Button
Create a Hyperlink to Open Another File

Graphics and The Drawing Toolbar

Insert a Picture
Draw Shapes and Lines
Draw AutoShapes and Assign Macros
Arrange and Group Drawing Objects
Use Drawn Objects in Charts
Create Text Boxes
Create Worksheet Comments