Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange In The Enterprise

Course Requirements
Course Overview
Getting Assistance

Planning For The Enterprise

Planning For The Enterprise
Active Directory Integration
Active Directory Fundamentals
Active Directory Schema
Active Directory Domains
Active Directory Sites
Global Catalog Servers
Exchange and Active Directory
Active Directory Modifications
AD Groups and Exchange 2000
User Principal Names

Installing In The Enterprise

Running ForestPrep
Running DomainPrep
Installing Exchange System Manager

Administering Exchange

Administering Exchange
Administration Overview
Administrative Group Basics
Creating an Administrative Plan
Administrative Group Planning
Administrative Permissions
Task Based Administrative Groups
Server Administrator Tasks
Routing Group Admin Tasks
Public Folder Admin Tasks
Applying Administration Permissions
Tracking And Monitoring Tasks

Policy Management

Policy Basics
System Policies
Recipient Policies
Policy Conflicts

Routing In Exchange 2000

Routing In Exchange 2000
Organizational Message Flow
Routing Group Basics
How Many Routing Groups?
Routing Group Master
Connector Costs
Notification & Status

Public Folder Strategy

Public Folder Strategy
Public Folder Overview
PF Replication Strategy
Public Folder Storage
Public Folder Permissions
Full Text Indexing

Exchange 2000 Security

Exchange 2000 Security
The Security Plan pt. 1
The Security Plan pt. 2
Exchange 2000 & IIS
Exchange Ports & Services
External Threats
Internal Threats
Using Encryption
Windows 2000 Security

Servers: Where And What

Servers: Where and What
Mailbox Servers
Public Folder Servers
Connector Servers
Front End/Back End Servers
Active Directory

Exchange 24/7

Exchange 24/7
Redundant Support Services
Redundant Routing Topology
Internet Client Access Strategy
Outlook Access Strategy

Sizing Exchange 2000

Sizing Exchange 2000
Sizing Tools
Hardware Sizing
Bottom Line

Management & Operations Plan

Management & Operations Plan
M & O Plan Process
M & O Documentation
M & O Monitoring
Microsoft Operations Management
Exchange 2000 Management Pack


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