Microsoft Exchange 2003


Course Overview
Intended Audience
Exchange Versions
What's New?
Message System Basics-Shared File
Message System Basics-Client Server
Exchange Overview
Active Directory & Exchange
AD Overview
AD Fundamentals
AD Sites


Installing Exchange 2003
System Requirements
Enabling Windows 2003 Services
Running Exchange 2003 Setup pt. 1
Running Exchange 2003 Setup pt. 2
After Installing Exchange 2003
Clustering Basics
Clustering Exchange 2003

Migrating From Exchange 5.5

Migrating from 5.5 pt. 1
Migrating from 5.5 pt. 2
Active Directory Connector Basics
Moving 5.5 Mailboxes
Migrating 5.5 Mailboxes
Moving Public Folders

Upgrading From Exchange 2000

Upgrading From 2000
Running Setup to Upgrade 2000
Removing Tuning Parameters

Designing the Exchange 2003 Infrastructure

Administrative Model
Administration Overview
Security Tab
Server Placement
Server Specialization
Data Storage Basics
Database Issues (Sizing/Logging/Locations)
Stores/Storage Groups
Routing Groups
Routing Group Connectors
Configuring Outlook
Public Folder Basics
Public Folder Trees
Creating GP Public Folder Trees
Public Folder Replication
Forcing PF Replication
Public Folder Creation/Security

Configuring and Using Exchange 2003

Mixed or Native?
Exchange Recipients
Creating Mailboxes
Moving Mailboxes
Address Lists
Outlook Web Access
Front End/Back End
Recipient Policies

What's New In Exchange 2003?

Removed Features
Cached Exchange Mode
Monitoring Client Performance
OWA Improvements pt. 1
OWA Improvements pt. 2
Queue Viewer Improvements
Improved Public Folder Referrals
Public Folder Interface
Link State Improvements
Recovery Storage Group
Shadow Copy Backup

Exchange 2003 Security

Antivirus Strategy
Security Updates
Mailbox Security
Necessary Services Only


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