Microsoft Project 2003

Starting a Project

Intro and Overview
The Project Workspace
Project Views
Generating Reports
Create a New Project
Set Non-Working Days
Project Properties

Creating Tasks

Setting Up a Task
Importing Tasks
Insert and Delete Tasks
Estimate Duration
Set Elapsed Time
Using Milestones
Organizing Phases
Linking Tasks

Working with Resources

Setting up People
Adjusting Availability
Setting up Equipment
Setting up Material
Entering Pay Rates

Assigning a Resource to a Task

Adjusting individual Resources
Assigning Resources
Adding Additional Resources
Assigning Material
Lag and Lead Time
Setting Constraints
The Critical Path
Change Calendar for Tasks
Delete a Calendar
Change Timeline

Creating a Plan

Create a Resource Pool pt. 1
Create a Resource Pool pt. 2
Using the Resource Pool
Viewing Overallocations
Overallocation Report
Resolve Overallocations
Leveling Overallocations pt. 1
Leveling Overallocations pt. 2

Tracking Progress

Linking Summary Tasks
Saving a Baseline
Tracking Project as Scheduled
Entering a Completion Percentage
Entering Actual Completion Values
Updating the Baseline
Add a Note
Check Project Duration

Editing Task Details

Interrupting Work
Changing Task Types
Entering Deadlines
Entering Fixed Costs
Set Up Recurring Tasks
Sorting Project Details
Grouping Project Details
Customizing Tables
Customizing Views
Using the Organizer
Checking Project Finish Date

Editing Assignment Details

Entering Multiple Pay Rates
Resource Availability at Different Times
Delay the Start of Assignments
Apply Contours
Duration and Manual Contours
Apply Different Cost Rates
Material Consumption Rates

Sharing Project Information

Copy and Paste
Exporting to Other Apps
Opening in Other File Formats
Saving to Other File Formats
Printing Views pt. 1
Printing Views pt. 2
Printing Reports
Publishing as a Web Page
Add an image to Web Page
Publishing as a GIF
Formatting a View
Create Custom Gantt Chart

Using Project Server

Create a New Enterprise Project
Publishing a Plan to the Server
Tracking Work with Project Server
Reporting Work with Outlook
Keep Stakeholders Informed
Managing Risks
Managing Issues
Managing Documents


Wrapping it Up


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