Microsoft Visual Basic for Access


VBA Basics
VBA and the Development Environment
Event Programming pt. 1
Event Programming pt. 2
Event Programming pt. 3
Event Programming pt. 4
Event Programming pt. 5
Event Programming pt. 6
Using Events
VBA Variables
Control Structures


Intro to Modules
Creating a Module
A Sub Routine
Validate Using a Function

Communicting with the User

User Interaction
MsgBox and Input Box pt. 1
MsgBox and Input Box pt. 2
Validating Using ON_CHANGE pt. 1
Validating Using ON_CHANGE pt. 2
"Live" Calculations pt. 1
"Live" Calculations pt. 2
"Live" Calculations pt. 3
Captions and Status Bar Properties
The Registry-Writing
The Registry-Retrieving

Error Trapping and De-Bugging

Error Trapping and De-Bugging
Programming the On_Error
In-Line Error Trapping

Multiple Form Applications

Multiple Form Applications
Forms Switchboard
The Forms Collection
The Dirty Property
Conditional Opening

The ActiveX-Calendar Control

The ActiveX-Calendar Control
Setting Up
Passing Data
Writing Generic Code


Looping Through Form Controls
Looping and Tags
More Looping

Programming GUI Controls

Programming GUI Controls
Combo Boxes-Intro
Combo Boxes-Using
Check Boxes

Data Access Objects

Introducing Data Access Objects
Counting Records
Using a Select Statemet
Archiving Records
Deleting Records

Unbound Forms

Unbound Forms
Front End Preparation
Object Scope
Buttons pt. 1
Buttons pt. 2
Adding a Record
Editing a Record
Deleting a Record
Cancel a Change
Moving Around

DAO Practical Applications

DAO Practical Applications
Locating Records pt. 1
Locating Records pt. 2
Locating Records pt. 3
Locating Records pt. 4
Tracking Used Records pt. 1
Tracking Used Records pt. 2
Tracking Used Records pt. 3
Tracking Used Records pt. 4