Microsoft Windows 95 (Basics)

Play Me First

Play Me First

Getting Started

What Is Windows 95?
Whats New?
Add & Remove Components
Using a Mouse
Using The Keyboard
The Start Button
Shut Down
Getting Help

Windows Interface

Your First Glimpse
Desktop & Taskbar
What Is a Window?
Moving & Scrolling Windows
Window Buttons
Multiple Windows
Menu Commands
Shortcut Menus
Dialog Boxes
Dialog Box Controls

The Basics

My Computer - An Overview
Explorer An Overview
Introducing Disk Drives
Introducing Folders
Introducing Files

Organizing Folders & Files

Create & Open a Folder
Copy & Mo
Delete & The Recycle Bin
Multiple Selections

Working With Files

Open a Program File
Create a Document File
Open a Document File
Creating Text
Selection Techniques
Cut, Copy & Paste
Navigating a Document
Close & Exit
View With Quick View
Sharing Via OLE - An Overview
Sharing Via OLE - Continued
Copy a File To Disk


What Is Explorer?
Opening Explorer
The Explorer Window
Open & Close Folders
Display & Sort
Resizing Columns
Create Shortcuts In Explorer
Explorer Menu Commands


Accessories - An Overview
The WordPad Accessory
WordPad - Paragraph Formats
WordPad - Alignment
WordPad - Tabs
WordPad - Find and Replace
The Character Map

Accessories 2

The Paint Accessory
Paint - Selection Techniques
Paint - Erasing
Paint - Lines
Paint - Shapes
Paint - Color and Texture
Paint - Adding Text
The Calculator
The FreeCell Game


Install/Remove Printer
The Default Printer
Selecting a Printer
Printing a Job
The Print Queue
Pausing the Printer
Cancelling a Print Job
Change the Print Order
Check the Details

Backing Up

Backing Up Basics
Partial Back Up
Backing Up File Sets
Restore Backed Up Files
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