Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (70-299)

Managing Security Policies

Intro & Overview
Plan Security Templates
Configure Security Templates
Using Secedit.exe
Registry & File System Permissions
Configure Account Policies
Audit Policies & User Rights
Configure Restricted Groups
Event Logs & System Services

Implement Security For Wireless Networks

Wireless Network Threats
Encryption Methods
Wireless Security Planning
Client Security
Wireless Access Policies
Security on WAPs

Patch Management Infrastructure

Plan Deployment of Service Packs
Patch Deployment Options
Using the MBSA GUI Tool
Using the MBSA Command-Line Tool
Deploy Patches on New Systems
Deploy Patches to Existing Computers
Using Software Update Services
Automatic Update Client
Updates with GPO's

Secure Network Communications

Plan IPSec Deployment
IPSec Basics
Enabling IPSec
Default IPSec Policies pt.1
Default IPSec Policies pt.2
IPSec Filters & Actions pt.1
IPSec Filters & Actions pt.2
Test Functionality
Using IPSec Monitor
IPSecPol, IPSecCmd, & NetSh

Deploy Security Templates

Plan Security Template Deployment
Active Directory-Based GPOs
Security Configuration & Analysis
Using Secedit
Troubleshoot Security Templates
Security Policy Inheritance
Analyze Using RSoP
Analyze Using the Registry
Configure Software Restriction Policies
Implement Software Restriction Policies
Network Zones For Computer Roles

SSL Certificates

SSL Overview
Obtain Publicly Issued Certificates
Assign & Renew Certificates
Configure SSL/Secure Communication
Using SSL with Other Applications
Security for Remote Access Users
Authentication for Secure Remote Access
Configuring Secure Remote Access
User Account Properties
Configuring Client Security
Connection Manager Administration Kit

Authentication, Authorization & PKI

Plan & Configure Authentication
Plan Authentication Protocols
Plan & Configure Authorization
Configure Multifactor Authentication
Plan Authentication for Web Users
Configure Web Authentication
Plan & Configure Delegated Authentication
Trust Relationships pt.1
Trust Relationships pt.2
Create a Trust Relationship
Authorization Basics
Configure Access Control Lists
Decide Which Types of Groups to Use
Plan Security Group Scope
Manage Built in Groups
Troubleshoot Authorization
Plan Authorization Strategy

Certificate Services

PKI Overview
Install Certification Authorities
Certificate Hierarchy
Deploy Certificates
Enroll Certificates
Using Certificate Templates
Backup & Restore the CA
Archival & Recovery of Keys
Certificate Revocation Lists


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