Microsoft Word 2003

Getting to Know Word

Touring Word Menus & Toolbars
Working with Word Views
Touring a Typical Business Letter
Touring a Long Document
Basic Word Customization

Creating/Saving/Printing Documents

New/Blank Document
Starting with a Word Template
Typing Text Tips Pt.1
Typing Text Tips Pt.2
Typing Lists
Navigating a Word Document
Selecting & Editing Your Text Pt.1
Selecting & Editing Your Text Pt.2
Cutting/Copying/Moving Text
Using Find & Replace
Saving Word Files
Saving Document Versions
Creating Templates
Printing Word Documents
Using the Spelling & Grammar Check
Customizing Word Proofing Tools Pt.1
Customizing Word Proofing Tools Pt.2
The Thesaurus
Tracking Editorial Changes
Accepting & Rejecting Changes

Formatting Text

The Formatting Toolbar
Working with the Font Dialog Box
Applying Indents & Spacing
Controlling Pagination
Applying Styles
Modifying Styles
Creating New Styles
Formatting Bulleted Lists
Formatting Numbered Lists
Applying Text Colors & Highlights
Shading Lines & Paragraphs
Applying Paragraph Borders
Creating a Decorative Drop Cap
Inserting a Text Hyperlink

Setting Margins/Paper Size/Layout

Changing Margins & Orientation
Choosing a Paper Size & Source
Applying a Page Border
Inserting a Page Background
Applying a Page Theme

Working With Long Documents

Inserting Page Numbers
Headers & Footers Pt.1
Headers & Footers Pt.2
Inserting Section Breaks
Varying Section Headers & Footers
Combining Multiple Documents
Table of Contents Basics
Creating a Table of Contents
Index Basics
Building an Index
Inserting Footnotes
Creating Bookmarks

Creating Tables

Inserting a Uniform Table
Drawing a Table Freehand
Navigating/Populating a Table
Inserting/Splitting/Merging Cells
Adjusting Table Width & Height
Deleting Rows/ Columns/Tables
Formatting Table Appearance
Sorting & Calculating in Tables

Setting Tabs & Columns

Typing a Tabbed List
Creating Custom Tabs from the Ruler
Using the Tabs Dialog Box
Applying Columns to Text

Graphical Content in a Document

Inserting Clipart Images
Adding a Photo or Other Image
Scanned & Digital Camera Images
Using the Picture Toolbar
Drawing Your Own Shapes & Lines
Creating WordArt
Wrapping Text Around Images
Inserting an Organization Chart
Adding Different Types of Diagrams
Importing an Excel Chart

Merging Data With Documents

Setting Up a Form Letter
Setting Up Form Letter Data Fields
Building a Database in Word
Merging the Letter & Your Database
Customizing Your Merge with Filters
Sorting Your Merged Output
Saving & Resaving Merge Documents
Merging & Printing Labels
Merging & Printing Envelopes
Creating a Directory with Mail Merge Pt.1
Creating a Directory with Mail Merge Pt.2


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