PHP Project Solutions

PHP Projects Introduction

PHP Project Solutions Prerequisites
Course Introduction - Course Requirements
Short History of PHP/HTML/the Web
Creating a Web Application with PHP
PHP Data Processing in a Web Page
Web Interaction with PHP (Query Strings)
Web Interaction with PHP (HTML Forms)

PHP Sessions and Variables/Connections/SQL

Sessions and Variables pt. 1
Sessions and Variables pt. 2
Sessions and Variables pt. 3
Sessions and Variables pt. 4
Creating Postgres Database Tables
Include Files for Database Connections
Running SQL Queries pt. 1
Running SQL Queries pt. 2

The Admin Area and Login Function

Creating the Admin Table and Index File
Client-side Validation
Server-side Validation
Managing Admin Users pt. 1
Managing Admin Users pt. 2
Managing Registered Customers pt. 1
Managing Registered Customers pt. 2

Online Card Game

The Game Flow
Creating the Cards
Creating the Screens as Web Pages
Creating the Database Tables
Generating Random Numbers
Creating Card Image and Value Arrays
Dealing Cards - Storing Scores
Calculating Scores
Determining the Next Move
Playing the Game

Shopping Cart

Building Products and Orders Tables pt. 1
Building Products and Orders Tables pt. 2
Sessions and Arrays
Registration Screen
Displaying Products
Starting an Order
Editing and Order pt. 1
Editing and Order pt. 2
Checking Out and Sending Order
Confirmation Screen
The Cart in Action

Email Newsletter

Creating a Newsletter Table
Selecting Recipients
Composing Newsletters
Validating Email Addresses
Sending with PHP Mail Functions
The Newsletter System in Action

Content Management System

Storing Content in a Database
File System Functions
Working With File System Functions
Copying Template Files
Writing to Files
Displaying Files for Editing pt. 1
Displaying Files for Editing pt. 2
Uploading Files
Setting File Permissions
Creating Site Pages
Editing Site Page Content
Uploading Image Files

Online Survey System

Design Considerations
Tables for Polls/Questions/Answers
The Logic for Scoring Answers pt. 1
The Logic for Scoring Answers pt. 2
Creating a Poll and Questions
Displaying the Poll
Preventing Poll Misuse
Creating a Poll in Action
Viewing a Poll in Action

XML Files

What is XML?
Parsing XML
Displaying XML
Creating XML Files from Database Records
The Admin Interface Page
Editing the XML File
Using the XML Functions

Applications Map

Application and Admin Files and Folders


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