Search Engine Optimization

Course Intro

Course Intro
Course Overview
Importance of Search Engines
Limitations of Optimization

Introduction To Search Engines

The Search Engines Landscape
Crawler Based Search Engines
Human Powered & Pay Per Click Systems
Hybrid Search Sites
How Crawler Based Search Engines Work
How Search Engines Rank Web Pages Pt.1
How Search Engines Rank Web Pages Pt.2
The Most Popular Search Sites
Survey of the Most Popular Search Sites
Overture/Google Adwords & Others
Search Systems You NEED to Work With

Checking Your Sites Current Status

Google & the Google Toolbar
Yahoo & the Others
Fixing Frames
Page Titles & Page Descriptions
Page Links & Page Content

How Domain Names Effect Placement

Choosing Effective Names
Registering Domain Names
Using Multiple Domain Names
Set Up & Link Multiple Domain Names

Choosing Target Keywords

Keyword Research
Keyword Phrases vs. Single Words
Analyzing the Competition for Keywords
Refining Your Keywords
Other Tools to Aid in Keyword Work
Keyword Placement

Designing Search Engine Friendly Pages

Meta Description Tags
Meta Keyword Tags
Page Content: Headings
Page Graphics & ALT Tags
Text Content
Strategies Designing Your Page Content
Site Map Pages
Common Page Content Mistakes
Invisible Navigation Systems

Link Popularity/Page Importance & Reputation

Importance of Links
Link Popularity
Page Reputation
Page Importance
Strategies for Getting Good Links Pt.1
Strategies for Getting Good Links Pt.2
Links that can Work Against You
Guide for Improving Links

Optimization Tricks

Keyword Spamming
Invisible Text
Redirect Pages
Comments/Bait & Switch
Information Pages
Hidden Links

Specific Strategies

Google Page Construction Tips
Yahoo/Overture Site Match Xchange
Overture Listing Choices
Open Directory Project (ODP)
Tips for getting listed in the ODP
LookSmart Optimization Tips

Getting Hi Tech Pages Indexed

Frame pages
Flash Pt.1
Flash Pt.2
Dynamically Generated Pages

Registering Your Sites

Essentials of Getting Your Site Listed
Recommended Submission Order
Submitting to Google
Submitting to Yahoo Search Engine
Submitting to Directories
Submitting to Yahoo Directory
Submitting to ODP Directory
Submitting to AskJeeves

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Optimization Resources: Search Sites
Optimization Resources: Web Sites
Tools for Checking Site Rankings
Keyword Density Analyzers
Link Optimizers Optilink




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