Sony Sound Forge 7


Introducing Sound Forge 7

Audio Basics

What is Digital Audio?
Frequency & Harmonics
Basic Audio Techniques

Sound Forge 7 Basics

Special Assistance Menus
Docking Windows and Shortcuts
Opening Files
The Data Window Pt. 1
The Data Window Pt. 2
Recording Files

Editing Files

The Edit Menu Pt. 1
The Edit Menu Pt. 2
Editing Sustaining Samples
Editing One-Shot Samples Pt. 1
Editing One-Shot Samples Pt. 2
Acid Looping Tools

Editing Tools

Burning CDs
Auto Region & Extract Regions
Repairing Clipped Audio
Find Tool
Loop Tuner & Crossfade Loop
Synthesis Pt. 1
Synthesis Pt. 2
Synthesis Pt. 3
Customizing Views

Audio Processing

Auto Trim/Crop
Bit Depth Conversion vs. Resampling
Channel Converter
Graphic EQ
Parametric EQ
Paragraphic EQ
Audio Processing Tools Pt. 1
Audio Processing Tools Pt. 2

Audio Effects

Acoustic Mirror
Amplitude Modulation
Chorus Pt. 1
Chorus Pt. 2
Dynamics Pt. 1
Dynamics Pt. 2
Flange/Wah & Gapper/Snipper
Noise Gate
Pitch Bend
Pitch Shift
Wave Hammer
The Plug-in Chainer

Third Party Resources

Antares Tube & Mic Modeler
Royalty Free Music

Creating A Radio Commercial

Voice Editing Pt. 1
Voice Editing Pt. 2
Voice Editing Pt. 3
Voice Editing Pt. 4
Voice Editing Pt. 5
Voice Editing Pt. 6
Editing SFX
Music Bed Editing Pt. 1
Music Bed Editing Pt. 2
Music Bed Editing Pt. 3
Music Bed Editing Pt. 4
Mixing Music & Voice
Cutting a :60 to :30

Creating SFX

SFX Fundamentals
SFX Creation

Restoring Vinyl Recordings

Tips on Recording Vinyl

Restoring Tape Recordings

Restoring Tapes Pt. 1
Restoring Tapes Pt. 2

Fun Projects

Good Sound Gone Bad Pt. 1
Good Sound Gone Bad Pt. 2


Where Do We Go From Here?


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