Symantec Act 4

Getting Started with ACT!

Welcome and Introduction
Getting Started with ACT!
Viewing Contact Info
Viewing the Database
Viewing ACT!S Windows

Working with Your Database

Creating a New Database
Entering Data into a Database
Getting Help in ACT!
Modifying Contacts
Working in the Notes/History Tab
Using ACT!S Spell Checker
Locating Your Contacts
ACT! and the Internet

Highlights of ACT! 4.0

Whats New In ACT! 4
The Basic Lookup Command
Keyword Lookup
Lookup by Example
Viewing a List of Contacts
Sorting Your Contacts
Modifying the List

Creating and Working with Groups

Overview of Groups
Working with Contacts in Groups
Group Notes, Histories and Attachments
Creating and Working with Groups

Writing Letters and Memos

Getting Started with Word Processing
Writing a Letter or Memo To One Contact
Mail Merge
Creating New
Creating Envelopes and Labels

Using Email from ACT!

Introduction to Email
Setting Up Email
Getting Connected
Creating and Sending an Email Message.
Attachments to Your Email Messages
Reading and Responding to Email
Email Preferences

Making Telephone Calls

Overview & Setup
Making Phone Calls

Faxing from ACT!

Introduction to Faxing from ACT!
Quick Faxes
Faxing Documents

Scheduling Activities

Overview of Scheduling
Scheduling Activities from a Contact Record
Setting Scheduling Preferences
Using the Select Contacts Dialog Box
Clearing Activities
Rescheduling Activities
Recurring Activities
Advanced Scheduling Options

Scheduling Activities Using SideACT!

SideACT! Overview
Using SideACT!

Working in ACT!S Calendar Windows

Navigating in Calendar Windows
Scheduling Activities from a Calendar
Scheduling Using Drag and Drop
Rescheduling Activities
Setting Calendar Preferences
Changing the Display of Activities
Using Color and Banners
Daily Activity List
Clearing and Erasing Activities
Printing Calendars

Using the Task List

Modifying Columns in the Task List
Working with Activities from Task List
Grid Lines
Filtering Activities
Creating a Lookup from Selected Activities

Producing Reports

Overview of ACT! Reports
Report Filtering Options
Report Examples
Quick Reports
Tips for Informative Reports

Customizing Report Templates

The Sections Of a Report
Editing Report Templates

Creating and Running Macros

Introduction to Macros
Recording and Running Macros

Modifying Toolbars and Keyboard Shortcuts

Adding a Macro to the Toolbar
Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

Customizing ACT!

Modifying User Fields
Field Attributes
Creating a New Field
Modifying Layouts
Creating a New Layout
Customizing Menus
ACT!S Preferences

Data Exchange and Synchronization

Overview of Data Exchange
Importing from Another ACT! Database
Importing a Delimited-Text File
Exporting Data from ACT!
Synchronize Setup
Synchronizing Your Database
Synchronization Preferences

ACT! Maintenance

Using ACT!S Backup Utility
Restoring a Backed Up Database
Save a Copy of Database
Password Protection
Allowing Network Access to a Database
ACT! Database Maintenance